Statement of Solidarity with Trans People


The Lever offers its unconditional support and solidarity to all trans people in the face of unrelenting attacks from the media, elected politicians, and even some sections of the left.

In recent weeks we have seen a barrage of attacks, primarily against trans women, from editors of national magazines, columnists from national news papers, government and opposition politicians. We have also seen several incidents in left-wing spaces where the ugly rhetoric which seeks to deny trans people's rights has been allowed to spread, though not without significant resistance.

This has been couched in terms of legitimate debate around gender issues. We do not believe that the existence of trans people, or the clearly documented oppression and abuse they experience is a topic that should be up for debate.

We believe the push to 'debate’ trans lives is a dishonest and naked attempt to prevent trans people from defending their rights, and to further denigrate and delegitimise their existence and vital resistance to oppression. We say once again, the existence of trans people is not up for debate.

That trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary and all other gender expressions which do not conform to the gender that person is assigned at birth are valid, legitimate, and true. This is not up for debate.

Ultimately, this rhetoric legitimises both structural and personal violence against trans people.

We also note that nearly all class struggle and 'Marxist’ organisations in the UK have been silent on this issue, with the exception of the Morning Star, which has used its considerable influence within the labour movement to push transphobic views and support those who seek abuse and denigrate trans people, and expose them to further surveillance, discipline, and violence.

We state loudly and clearly: Trans liberation is intrinsic and inseparable from the liberation of all of humanity. Trans comrades are at the front and centre of our struggles, and long may they remain so.

We call on all progressive and socialist forces in the UK to stand with Trans people here, across the world.

- The Lever Editorial Group